Suffolk Wildlife Trust  

Bringing ospreys back to Suffolk 

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is the county's nature charity, the only organisation dedicated wholly to safeguarding Suffolk's wildlife and countryside. They now present this fantastic project, bringing ospreys back to Suffolk. 
Watching an osprey hunting for fish is an amazing sight. This magnificent bird plunges at speed with it's talons outstretched to catch fish swimming close to the surface of the water. The bird dives feet first into the water, and pulls itself free with strong, powerful wingbeats. 
We now see ospreys on migration here in Suffolk for a few short days in spring and autumn, but it has been many hundreds of years since they have bred in the region. Suffolk Wildlife Trust has an exciting plan to help them return in 2023. 
I have had the honour of creating a piece of art specially for the trust to help contribute towards their wonderful project bringing ospreys back to Suffolk. Please see what Michael Strand, Community Fundraising Manager, said (below); 
'To help celebrate, Lucy Grossmith agreed to support the project by creating this stunning image of a juvenile osprey in flight on the Blyth estuary, near Walberswick and Southwold. Funds raised through the sale of these 250 limited edition prints entitled 'Anna, Anglo Saxon King' will go directly towards setting up the translocation of young birds elsewhere in the country.  
Osprey - Peter Cairns 
Ospreys on nest - Andy Rouse 
Over a period of five years, Suffolk Wildlife Trust propose to move eight juvenile ospreys per year to Suffolk from the Rutland Water area of the East Midlands where a healthy population is now established following a succesful translocation project. Huge thank you Lucy for your amazing ongoing support'. 
For more information on the osprey project please visit; 
To receive updates on how the project is progressing, join Suffolk Wildlife Trust's osprey mailing list. Thank you. 
Here I present my fine art limited edition print, 'Anna, Anglo Saxon King'. Funds raised from the sale of these prints will go directly towards supporting Suffolk Wildlife Trust's fantastic work! The print comes in three sizes. 
Title: Anna, Anglo Saxon King 
Code: PNT148 
Description: Limited edition Giclee print (print run 250) signed by artist 
Image Size: 212mm x 150mm 
Price: £50.00 
*The explanation for the title of the print; 
'Anna, Anglo Saxon King died in 684 at Blythburgh, where the release site overlooks'. 
Wuffingas family 
Title: Anna, Anglo Saxon King 
Code: PNT149 
Description: Limited edition Giclee print (print run 250) signed by artist 
Image Size: 318mm x 225mm 
Price: £82.00 
Title: Anna, Anglo Saxon King 
Code: PNT150 
Description: Limited edition Giclee print (print run 250) 
Image Size: 447mm x 318mm 
Price: £125.00 
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